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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I’m going to take an Oprah moment and share some of our favorite coffee items. We are an avid coffee family. Well, not so much the kids, but Alan and I enjoy a good cup of Joe. Although I limit myself to two cups in the morning, Alan needs a good two pots to get his morning going. And yes for him, “the best part of waking up is Folgers (or any coffee really) in his cup.”

That brings me to our first item. Alan loves Brazil. I think the one thing he loves most about Brazil is the smooth flavor of their coffee. Last summer, while making a visit there, he discovered that you can buy Brazilian coffee in the supermarkets here. Walmart even has their own generic Brazilian coffee. However, I enjoy Folgers version much better than Walmart’s. (No surprise there.) Personally I enjoy flavored coffee. Alan can tolerate a pot here and there of the flavors, he mostly enjoy the simple taste of coffee.

This brings me to the next item: the creamer. As mentioned before, I love flavored coffee and creams, but I noticed something a couple weeks ago. I read the label to flavored creamer. So glad I did!! I refuse to put partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil in my coffee ever again. Yes, that’s right…veggy oil. So we come to half-and half. For health I usually buy the fat-free, but sometimes it is nice to splurge on the creamy yumminess of full fat half-and-half.

But for us, no cup is complete without a little something sweet. Although I don’t mind the flavor of Splenda, Alan cannot stand the flavor of it. A good friend of mine told me about Agave Nectar a few years ago, but we could only get it (at the time) in health food stores. We were so pleased to find that we can now buy it in grocery stores (even Walmart). Agave Nectar is an all natural sweetener that has a very low glycemic index. And as a bonus, it tastes really good. We enjoy it in more than just coffee, however, it is part of our morning jump.

Not to say that these are the best tasting, most sophisticated flavors out there, but they are our favorites.


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