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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

It is interesting to see how each child develops and creates. For J. creativity comes in the form of a mix between video games, sci-fi, and simplicity.

Drawing has never been his strong form of expression. However, for the past few months, he has found his love in art. It’s Chompy.

A chompy is a figure that looks like a greater than/less than sign, but with teeth. It seems they are taking over the world. They eat everything they can, even each other so that they can grow and become bigger, fiercer chomps. They come in all sizes, and even have large monster robot forms. These larger chomps look like giant people, but they have chompies on their hands and feet.

Of course for every villain there is a hero. The hero for J. is a small stick figure. But not just one, there are about 20 people figures for every chomp. They are brave and willing to risk their lives in order to stop the chomps. They are also creative, inventing ways to disguise themselves to get closer to the chomps in order to defeat them.

Where does all this take place? On a single piece of paper. For a while he was using his school work as a medium into this terrifying Chompy battle. After many discussions (and threats) he now reserves his art for the back of assignments or on other scrap paper.

Will the world be able to survive this terrifying threat? Stay tuned to find out….


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