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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

The other day the kids were painting. It is always fun to create with paint. I prefer to give them the primary colors and have them create their own shades and blends for the desired picture. Of course you can imagine the mess that is made after painting. This is probably what makes it so fun.

When our oldest was only three she was painting one time, and I had an idea for a children’s book about colors. The title was going to be: Black is All Powerful. The idea behind the book is how fun it is to create and mix colors, but in the end when you add black, the entire picture in transformed to a dreary black mess. That beautiful rainbow becomes a black and gray cloud. The red and pink flowers turn to dead roses, and the pretty little girl becomes a large black blob.

Nothing came of the book. It was probably the title. I still get tickled when I see the kids paint. It never seems to fail. If there is black paint, before long the entire picture turns to a murky masterpiece to be displayed on the fridge. Then I am left to clean the brushes and table until the next painting day, where once again we will discover how the color black is all powerful.


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