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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

…for those family members who think we are crazy, settle down, we’re adopting a dog.

I have never had a dog growing up. My family was a cat family. My dad always said if we ever had a farm we could have a dog. Well, we never lived on a farm. Alan, although, is allergic to cats. He had dogs growing up.

A little after Sweet T. was born (who is now 5 years old), Alan began to beg for a pet dog. My reply was always, “we already have a puppy, she’s your daughter.” Puppies and newborn babies don’t really go well together. 20 months after Sweet T was born we welcomed our baby into the family. I was still not ready to have a dog.

The other reason I didn’t want a dog (other than babies) was the extra work. Cats are easy. You feed them, clean their box, and that’s it. If you go on vacation, you get someone to check the food and water. They don’t bark at everything, tear up your furniture, or need daily walks. Plus, we also had a pet rabbit.

Buttercup (our rabbit) was a bribe for our oldest daughter. She would sleep on our bedroom floor almost every night from the age of 2-4. We finally convinced her to sleep in her own bed by getting her a pet. I threatened to give Buttercup back if she slept in our room. I would never do that, but hey, it worked.

A rabbit was also a great pet. They are very social animals. We kept Buttercup inside the house and would let him out of the cage everyday. They are a lot like cats, because they are litter trained. They love to sit in your lap, and he would eat all the vegetable scraps. The bad thing about a rabbit was that they need their cage cleaned often, and Alan is allergic to them. We had to give Buttercup away after having him for four years, because we moved and couldn’t have pets.

For the longest time I would roll my eyes and insist on no pets. For our son’s 8th birthday he got an axolotl. It is like a salamander that has gills. Ours absorbed its gills and is now an air breather who spends about half his time in the water. Kazoo is fairly easy to care for. Not a big deal. It is kind of fun to have such an ugly pet. I was sure he was going to die when his gills started to disappear. Thank goodness for the internet. After Googling around, I found that they can metamorphose.

On Saturday the girls and I were shopping at the mall. In the center court area there was a booth set up for adopting retired racing greyhounds. We went to pet them, and I must tell you, I fell in love. Daphne, the dog pictured above, made friends with me. She is so mild and sweet. I came home, and we researched the breed. They sleep most the day (like a cat), they are quiet, usually mild-mannered and so pretty. What I like about most is that we have a month foster care of Daphne. If she doesn’t work out with our family structure, we don’t have to find her a new home. The adoption agency will take her back. The sad thing for us is that we have to wait a couple weeks before we will begin our trial period.She has a sore from a door closing on her tail. They want it to continue to heal before they release her to us.

You should have seen us today waiting for the phone call. Every time the phone rang we would all jump ready for the news about when we would have her come home. We are a pathetic bunch.


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