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This is the second part to a study on worship. Please read the post “The Lord is Good.”

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
His love endures forever.

This is a common theme in several Psalms. The Psalms are the worship of Israel. The are vast ranges in emotions and expressions. They make great honest prayers!!!

Psalm 107 is a great example of the verse above demonstrating the expression of thanks as God pours out his love on us. The psalm is divided into four main themes  how the redeemed can sing an expression of thanks to God. Keep in mind the two ideas 1. God’s unfailing love and 2. his wonderful deeds for people.

The first “need” that God meets is found in verses 6-9. This part of the psalm is a reminder for the desperate. Those who have no job, no money, no clothes. Their very lives are hanging by the thread. Perhaps they are even plagued with illness. Whatever it is, they are troubled. They cry to the Lord and are delivered from their distress. It says, the Lord leads them to a straight path and a city where they can settle. God provides peace to the weary. Why give thanks when you have nothing? “he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

The second “need” that God meets is found in verses 10-14. Some find themselves in deep depression. It becomes a prison that binds us to darkness. This usually comes from rebellion against the word of God. On our own we stumble with no help. But God, who is so faithful, comes to our aid. All we need to do is call out to him. He comes, pulls us out of the darkness, and breaks the chains. Why give thanks to God while I dwell in the darkest pit of despair? That he breaks down the bars and gates that hold us captive, giving us freedom to dwell in His light.

The third “need” found in this Psalm is found in 17-21. This is for those who have become foolish because of their rebelliousness. Sin leads to more sin. Hunger not for food, but the sin of self-indulgence to the point of physical starvation. I picture (although this is not limited to) some drug addict that would rather get the fix of drugs than food. The picture is that you stop caring for your body so that you can have some fixation in sin.  The sin leads to trouble, the brink of death. With nowhere to turn, they call to God, and he rescues them. Not only does he save them, but sends his word (the very thing they rebelled against) and heals them. I for one am so thankful for that. Have you ever been in rebellion, and turned to him and felt the healing and cleansing of His holy word? It is so wonderful. So how do these express thanks to God? Sacrifice thanks offerings and tells of God’s works through songs of joy.

The final “need’ is found in 22-32. Those who go along in life day after day. In this Psalm it is represented by sailors. They are floating along the sea. They start off amazed by God’s creation, but suddenly it turns into a terrible storm. Nearly all is lost, but at their wit’s end they cry to the Lord. He answers by causing the storm to be a whisper. Not only did God cause the storm to disappear, but he led them on the way to go. How are they to give thanks to God? By exalting him in an assembly and praising him in the leadership of the church.

The Psalm continues to show this pattern of our need and God’s provision. Every time we  lack or have need, God is waiting. He anticipates our call to him so he can pour out his love. All that God does for us is an expression of His love. I am always amazed as I ponder how he loves the unlovely. How could I not be thankful for his love that he gave ultimately in His Son.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good
His love endures forever.


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