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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I have found a new form of punishment for the kids. If they do something frustrating I can always post it for all the world to know about. Maybe that will be motivation to follow the unspoken rules. For example, J. was working on an art project. I went down to check on our oldest and her school work. Before long, J. pops his head in the door saying he got beat up, and his face all painted black.

There is no doubt that boys are wired different from girls. It is too tempting for any of the kids to resist painting themselves, but only J. would pretend that he had been attacked. Probably from a chompy.

I had tried to explain to him how a pen works. He saw that it said “ball point” and he was curious about what that meant. I explained several times about the ink inside and the small ball that rolls the ink out slowly. This apparently didn’t satisfy his curiosity. He decided to test how long it would take to use up all the ink in a pen. Without thinking, he used whatever paper was laying out on the table. This happened to be my Precepts Bible study book laying out in his way. SIGH

One time while bathing I had left him to play for a few minutes. When I came back in I noticed how orange the tub water looked. I realized he emptied an entire bottle of shampoo into the tub. When I asked him why, all he could come up with was, “I can’t think.” Alan and I get a chuckle out of this, because it seems that all his decisions are based on impulse rather than reason. Why did you play in the mud? Why is the toilet stuffed with an entire roll of toilet paper? Why is there water all over the bathroom floor? Why is there toothpaste in my contacts case? Why did you put soap on my toothbrush? He knows those are not good things to do, but his curious mind leads him along trying to discover things about life. I have to fight the urge to be upset, because I know he isn’t doing those things to get into trouble.

Maybe this will be enough motivation for him “to think.”


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