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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I should have known when I threw the bowl of sprinkles up into the top cabinet that they were going to spill. I have no to  one to blame for this mess but myself.

There were several days, a while back, when every time I came into the kitchen I was finding sprinkles on the cabinet and floor. You would think telling your children repeatedly would be enough. In my mind, it wasn’t a “spanking” issue, after all they are just sprinkles.

Out of sight, out of mind.

This is a motto in our house. Being a slacker mom does not mean I enjoy my mess, but orderliness is not a top priority. I love to be organized, but I find it takes much of my time to do so. Case in point: my bowl full of sprinkles.

They were sharing a cabinet with my food storage containers and our travel coffee mugs. I don’t know what your cabinet of containers looks like, but mine is usually a jumbled mess. It’s not a large space, so it isn’t too bad, but it’s not a “good thing” as Martha might call it. I had recently cleaned out the fridge of perishing left-overs and found my containers were over flowing. I was in a hurry, and tried to cram them in, and this led to the mess at hand.

I know if I had taken the few seconds to get the stool, climb up, organize the containers by size I would have saved myself the time it took to clean this mess, PLUS organize the containers anyway. One day I’ll learn.

I did manage to clean out the girls room today. Alan and I have a different philosophy about how to clean a room. I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place. He likes to get it out of sight, out of mind. We’ve gone back and forth over this for several years. He would rather the kids have a toy box that they throw all the toys in to clean up. I, on the other hand, have their toys organized in bins and baskets. Picking up his way takes less time, but I think it leads to a bigger more constant mess.

Case in point: THE DRESS-UP BOX. We have three girls, so we have a lot of dress-up items. Forever, until today, they have all been stored in one giant dress-up box. It is easy to clean up the pile of pretty things on the floor in one easy scoop. The problem with it is that it became a black hole for more than dress-up. I found 20 socks, several Littlest Pet-shops, a couple My Little Ponies, and a few random happy meal toys (including The Magic Meatball). So today I upgraded them to a three drawer dress up chest. Not as easy to clean up, but it will make finding that perfect bracelet for the ball much easier to find.


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