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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

In honor of road trips during Spring Break I thought I would share my big idea I had a couple years ago. I think it would revolutionize family travel time around the world. Well, maybe not quite that, but any parent would appreciate my idea.

I call it: The Mommy Window.

All mini-vans should be equipped with one. A Mommy Window is similar to a window found in limousines. It would separate the front part of the vehicle from the rear. The driver would control the window. It would be a sound proof, one way window. A friend of mine even suggested it should be bullet proof (she has 6 kids). Although bullet proof may not be needed, you would definitely want it  to be unbreakable so they would not be able to through their shoes through it when you refuse to roll it down.

Originally all my kids were still in car seats and unable to unbuckle themselves, so now it would be important for the driver to know if the kids unbuckled to wrestle each other to the floor. After all it is important for kids to learn how to work out their problems themselves, right? Think of safety of the driver as well. I know my kids are always wanting me to help reach a toy, hand them a drink, help solve a fight, or a hundred other things while I am driving.

I had one last idea. You could customize an image of your children sitting in their seats happy or asleep so that when you look in the rear view window to check on them you see them at peace.


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