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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Today we were walking around the mall, and we had rented a double for the girls to ride in. It was one of those fun, red firetrucks found in many malls. The elevator was full, and as we were going down a lovely older lady was making nice comments.

She said, “that looks like fun.”

“Yes,” I replied. “It’s much easier than carrying them around the mall.”

“I had a leash for mine,” she said back to me.

I smiled, trying to think what that meant. After a couple seconds my brain recalled the doggy one I have at home. It looks like a cute backpack for the child, but with a handle for the parent to not lose track of their stray child. These are a wonderful upgrade from the one my older sister had with her oldest daughter. That one had two Velcro wrist bracelets on each end. I remember one time I was to be watching my niece. She wrapped it around the inside of a clothes rack and took it off. It is much harder to escape the new upgraded backpack version.

“If I had a leash for them I would end up dragging them across the mall,” I replied. I meant it to be funny, but I don’t think she appreciated my humor. She looked shocked a mother would even say such a thing.

Moments later the doors opened we all exited the elevator and went our separate ways. If you ever see a poor child being dragged by her parent down the hall, lend a hand and rent the poor woman a mall stroller.


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