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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

People always tell me I should write down the cute things the kids say so I can remember them. I can never seem to remember to write them down, I guess I’ll have to rely on how cute they are to remember.

Last night while I was preparing dinner, the Baby was in her own little world playing. She was singing, “The itchy, itchy spider went up the water-spout.” I thought that was so cute. It reminded me of one of Sweet T.’s own little rhymes she made up.

This little piggy went to Wal-mart

This little piggy stayed home

This little piggy had pork chops…

You know the rest. Pork Chops. One day she will realize she just made then cannibals. Finally the last cute thing I can recall, for now, comes from our oldest. She was about 5 or 6 and she kept saying “chudder” instead of “each other”. She was convinced that e-chudder was the correct pronunciation and that Alan and I were completely wrong in our pronunciation. After many arguments we set her straight and for a couple weeks of over pronunciation we got her set straight.

What about you? WHat cute things have your kids say that you want to remember?


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