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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Today is the first day of Spring. Today is the first day of Spring and it’s snowing outside. Did I mention it’s cold? Can you tell I’m bummed?

I think it wouldn’t be that bad if I hadn’t spent almost all of our Spring Break at home because of illness. The trouble with having four kids is that they don’t tend to get sick all at once, but each take their turn. This is the one time I would like for them to all go at once, and also to NOT share. Of course I already mentioned in another post how I got the bug. Not only is it a stomach bug, but now it’s the sniffles.

We were supposed to get some big blizzard, thankfully though, it’s only a couple centimeters. Since I knew it was going to snow I made plans for the day to be inside. We rented movies, Wii games, and I have been busy with little projects. The daffodils, by the way, are from my yard. I figured if they were going to die from the cold I might as well cut them. I’m so glad I did. They are so sweet-smelling. Such a happy spring flower. Reminds me of warm sunny days. sigh.

Project one today was to get ready for a baby shower for my new neighbor that is next week. A couple years ago I saw the diaper cake at another friends shower. When we had our oldest daughter, some sweet friends had a shower for me and they made a diaper wreath. It was so cute. I have also made one of those, and if you’re interested let me know, or google it. Click here for the Instructions for a Diaper Cake. It was fun and easy to assemble but also precious looking.

Project two was making Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. I also made a batch of chicken noodles. When Alan and I were newly weds I made him some soup when he was sick. He still tells the kids about it. He calls it Celery and Carrot soup and swears that it cured his cold. Well, I still have the sniffles, so maybe I didn’t have enough carrots and celery in this batch. Also I have found a new favorite noodle. This brand tastes so close to homemade with the convenience of packaged, pre-made noodles.

Finally my last first-day-of-spring-but it’s-snowing project was inspired from a Food Network show Alan and I watched the other night. The host was making home-made pretzels and mustard. I am only making the pretzels, but I can’t wait until they are done. I love to make bread, but it takes all day. Imagine having to make bread back in the day before electricity.

I made it through the day. Snow in March is nothing new to me, but it is a bummer. Even more so because it was a beautiful week, though I spent much of it inside caring for the kids. Happy Spring everyone. May yours be warm and sunny.


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