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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

One of the things I love about the kids is to watch them play with their creativity. They have their fair share of TV and electronic entertainment. When it comes time to unplug they have such creative little minds.

When the older two go off to play they often lock the door. This always bothers Sweet T. She loves to sit on the bed and watch them play. I tell the older two that it’s like watching t.v. However, as it goes with siblings, this is never a good enough reason to let their little sister in the room.

Their latest endeavor is to make their own card game. It is a mix between the card game War, Pokemon, and Heroscape. It’s called Heroes and Villains. They have cards they are making with different characters who each have powers. Then you play against each other to win mini-battles. What I like about their cards are the characters themselves. Each character is reflects their own individual creative play.

J.’s for example includes a Golden Chompy who is very difficult to defeat (obviously Chompy is a villain). His other creations include a swirl hole, stick crew, bone breaker and Evil Kiki (made after the baby who’s powers are crying and whining.) My daughter’s are made from her own interests too. She has three bunnies (she use to have a pet rabbit), a couple hero girls (she loves all girl heroes) and a singing star.


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