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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

This weekend we ventured out on a family date to the movies. Does anyone else feel like they are being completely robbed at the movies? To avoid the extra $2 a person charge for 3D, we drove into the city (about a 20 minute drive) to see How to Train Your Dragon. This is Dreamworks latest release. I thought I would let my kids share their review of the movie, but I’ll give a quick synopsis of the story.

The vikings have found themselves in a continuous uphill battle  with dragons. Most everyone in the village fits the classic image of a Viking: fierce, strong, great fighting abilities and brave. All except one-the hero. He lacks the physical skill and required killing instinct and is a major let down to everyone in the village, especially his father who is the mighty leader. Using unconventional viking fighting, he manages to take down the most elusive of the dragons. A surprising friendship is made as the two build a strong bond of trust and confidence in each other.

When it comes to Dreamworks animation I am always a skeptic to its appropriateness for small children. (Personally we shy away from Shrek and Madagascar, but have enjoyed others like Kung Fu Panda and Ice Age.) Although there were many intense (and loud) fighting scenes, my kids all completely enjoyed the movie. (The Baby, who is three, covered her ears during the loud fighting scenes, but was not frightened.) There were several mentions of the Viking gods and traditions which may be offensive to some people. J. has been studying the Vikings during history, so it was interesting to see what we have been talking about in a literary form. As a whole, we really enjoyed the film and plan on adding it to our DVD library. My personal favorite line, “It’s not what’s on the outside that (your father) doesn’t like, it’s what’s on the inside.” This is a horrible thing to say to any person, especially a child, but I found it to be funny because of the honest truth and this is normally not ever something someone would say to try to make them feel better. A wonderful example of hyperbole.

Now for a little review from the kids:

“I liked it. It’s a really good movie. It’s very adventurous. It is heart warming and about friendship and loyalty.” A. 10 year-old girl

“I think it’s awesome. I think you should see it in 3D and it’s loud at the end when they are fighting.” J. 8-y/o boy. BTW, he didn’t pay for the tickets, hence the “see it in 3D.”

“I can’t wait to buy it. My favorite part was when Toothless liked the boy. There were a lot of dragons and I liked them.” Sweet T. 5 y/o girl


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