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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I am the one to blame. Some kids would think it’s cool to wear an eye patch. She is not thrilled about it.

We were outside enjoying the beautiful day, playing with Daphne, noticing the fresh buds on our tree. I went to break a small branch off, and that was enough. Little did I know that a small speck would fly across directly into my oldest’ eye.

I never did “see” how big of a piece went into her eye. She is a bit of a drama queen. She wasted no time for the dramatics. “I can’t open my eye. It HURTS,” she wailed.

Quickly realizing she was NOT going to co-operate with my help I resorted to her self-empowerment.

“You’re going to have to cry it out. That’s why God gave you tears, to protect your eyes. The best thing you can do is cry. Do not rub your eye,” I warned.

Telling your dramatic daughter to cry can mean only one thing. She didn’t cry, she wailed. She wailed so loud it scared the girls. Sweet T. tried to shut the door so it wouldn’t be so loud. It only mildly muffled the sound. She cried and cried. She rinsed it in the sink. I offered to take her to the doctor. (Mind you, this was the last thing I wanted to do, so I told her they would probably just rinse it out with a solution.) At some point during this sobfest I think it worked.

She was finally able to open her eye. I got a magnify glass to help me look for the speck. I couldn’t see anything. She said it felt like it wasn’t moving anymore, but it still hurt. The important thing was she could open her eye and it was still working. (I told you she was dramatic.)

Of course we had something to do that evening. We went out. While we were in a meeting I heard the youngest look at A. and ask her, “you going to cry?” (She covered her ears when she asked her this, to prepare her self for the noise.)

When she got up this morning, her eye was better, but it hurt to read (of course).

A few years ago I had scratched my eye. It is a very painful thing, but mostly in the light. It feels like something is on your eye, but any amount of light intensifies the pain even more. A doctor told me to put eye drops in my eye and wear an eye patch for a couple of days.

We never took her to the doctor, so I went to buy her an eye patch. She is doing her schoolwork in a darkened room (which I’m sure isn’t good for the eyes). As for the eye patch, I think it’s already found its way into the dress-up box.


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