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Last week our oldest was learning about osmosis in cells and we had the following experiment:

Measure equal amounts of vinegar and corn syrup into two different cups. (About a cup-a cup and a half). Mark on the outside of  both cups where the liquid is at. You want both cups to have same amount.

Place a raw egg into the cup with vinegar and place a lid on top to prevent evaporation. Warn every member in your family of the experiment so it doesn’t get thrown out. (The vinegar smells far worse than the egg, unless you like the smell of vinegar.) Also place a lid over the corn syrup.

Allow the egg to set in the vinegar for two days. (Ours ended up sitting for more like 5 days, because we forgot about it over the weekend.)

After two days remove the egg and make observations.The egg will absorb water from the vinegar. This is seen because the egg swells, especially after 5 days. Also the egg-shell becomes very soft and slimy. Also there will be less vinegar in the cup.

Rinse (or wipe) egg off and place into the corn syrup for one additional day. Again make observations about the egg.

That is the egg after the experiment was done (with J.’s fries in the background.) Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. I wonder what will happen to the egg now that the experiment is finished? Oh and by the way, it was a white egg.

The egg after sitting in corn syrup


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