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I am starting a new category of cooking. The other night, while eating dinner, my oldest told me I should post recipes. I poo-pooed the idea, because I am more of a shootin-from-the-hip cook. I like simple but flavorful foods. I thought it over, and decided that maybe others could use some simple cooking ideas.

The other night Alan and I were watching a travel channel show about competing cooks in various cities. We love food, especially specialized food that is only found in one area. The featured food was a hamburger from the Minneapolis area called the Jucy Lucy.

Gather your ingredients: Hamburger (I used a pound of extra-lean beef.) Each patty will be 1/3 pd., cheese slice of choice (I used white American), a clove a garlic (staple in my house for any meat I am cooking), and salt and pepper (I used Tony’s instead which adds a little Creole kick.) Also you are going to press the meat on foil to begin with.

With the ingredients ready, I first add fresh garlic to the meat and mix it in well. Next, I divide the meat into 1/3 pound groups. (with a pound of meat I made a total of three servings.) Take on serving and divide it in half. Then press each half into large thin patties on the foil.

Place a folded piece of cheese into the center of one of the halves. Place the other half patty on top. Then pick up both patties and pat the meat together to form a stronger, firmer patty with the cheese neatly tucked inside.

Season both side of the burger to taste. Repeat for all the remaining burgers.

On the show, they cooked the burger on the griddle, but I love to grill. There is nothing that makes meat taste so good. I had great success with not losing the cheese in the fire either. Also, when I grill burgers I NEVER press the burger down in the grill. This squeezes out all the yummy juice, leaving the burger to a more dry taste.

After the burgers were flipped I noticed only a tiny bit of cheese coming out of the patty.

Finally, fix burger buns to your preference. This was Alan’s burger after his first bite. I didn’t tell him ahead that it was a Jucy Lucy, so he was pleasantly surprised. One burger is very filling.  Let me know if you try this. Also experiment with other cheeses. I thought it would be good with blackened spices and blue cheese (Black and Blue Burger.) Keep in mind, though, that harder cheeses won’t melt as well. Finally, if you really love cheese, feel free to add another slice. Enjoy!


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