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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

What would you do with $89 billion dollars. Yes, that’s right, billion.

I found this interesting article if-you-were-billionaire-for-five-hours.

A man in Florida checked his bank account and found that he had $88,888,888,888 in his account due to a bank error. (Is there any wonder we had a bank crises in 2008?) For 5 short hours he was a multibillionaire. Of course the money wasn’t actually there, and he wasn’t allowed to touch it let alone look at it. In the article it mentions him putting it into another account to draw interest and donating the interest to charity. The interest would have been $7.3 million.

So it raises a question. What would you do with $89 billion? If that is to hard to fathom share what you would do with $7.3 million.

Other than giving our immediate family a cool quarter mill. each (at least), investing, buying a house, etc. I would have no stinking idea. But if there was a time limit on it, 5 hours, and after that time the money was gone, what would you do: spend as much of it as you could, donate all of it, or leave it alone for the bank to fix. (This is assuming you could use the money without paying it back.) If you spent all of the money, would there be economic repercussions?

If I could buy one big splurge thing it would be a beach home in Topsail Island, NC.

I like my simple life.

Money talks. It says, “good-bye.”


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