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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

“Look what we found. Dry oil,” the older kids cried out as they came in.

They had been playing outside. I love the Spring. It’s the time of the year the kids watch the least amount of T.V. and video games. The dig, play, run around and have a great time outside. Today they hit the jackpot.

“Dried oil?!” I said as I came into the room where they were. (They were trying to see if Daphne would eat it.) Ever since we have moved to OK they kids are fascinated with finding oil. They love to look for those oil digging things. I was the same way when I was younger and we lived in TX. They always reminded me of praying mantis’.

I laughed at them. “That’s not oil, it’s clay.” Of course me saying that wasn’t enough. J. pointed out that his clay is colored, surely this black stuff could not be clay, because it’s black like oil. After some further investigation they conceded. It is still cool for them to find their own clay.

The next “treasure” was even more unexpected.

“Look what I found,” they oldest said. She held out her hand so I of course did the same to see the great find.

To my shock (and horror) I was holding some sort of animal ear. Yes, that’s right. An ear. What a lucky find. It’s still pretty fresh. If it starts to smell bad I’m gonna throw it out.

Of course they are certain that is from some undiscovered, unidentified animal. Looks like a cat or fox ear to me.

All that fun exploring and he didn’t even have his shirt on the right way. What a cutie.


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