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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

One of the best things about having children is that you get to relive your own childhood again. I have a lot of good memories from growing up. I tell my kids all the time that my favorite age is between 6-8 years old. You get to enjoy playing and making friends, but don’t have all the responsibility that comes with age. The kids love for Alan and I to tell them about when we were kids and what we use to play and do.

One summer some friends had taken the older two to the beach for the day. When the mom dropped them off that evening she shared what our oldest daughter was talking about on the way home. When I was younger a friend and I had imaginary horses that we would ride around the street. When we rode in our cars we would tie them to the bumpers so they could follow along behind us. Apparently, I had given A. my horse by telling her about it, and now she could have her own imaginary horse.

Today I have given my kids another part of my childhood. When we were growing up, we had this record we would always listen to. A friend of my parents had recorded it. (As a bonus some of my siblings and I were also on the Album cover.) In one of our many family moves, it had accidentally been sold, but not without having its special place in my heart.

I would sometimes sing the songs to the kids. They would always look at me as if I was some crazy person. (I’m getting use to those looks, especially as the oldest enters her tween years.) I don’t blame them for not falling in love with the songs, after all I was the one singing them.

Until today.

Today I was so thrilled as I opened the mail and found my long-lost childhood come back to me in the mail box. As I ripped open the packaging the kids were getting excited. “Is that for us,” they asked. I wasn’t sure how to answer. Yes it was, but it was every bit for me as well.

We threw it in the CD player, and have listened to it all morning. (J. was cute. He said, “we could have played the album in here”, as he pointed to the tape player. I had to explain that a record is like a giant black CD, not a cassette, which is another out dated music device.) They immediately fell in love with the same songs I loved growing up. Songs about alligators dancing, a hard-working owl, being a monster when you grow up, and playing in the mud.

You can order you own copy here.

The kids are growing up so fast. It won’t be long before they stop enjoying “childish” things. I guess it’s by job to make sure they do.


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