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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

On Saturday the kids and I went to McAlister, OK to help with Give a Day, Get a Day. Although I consider myself to be a lover of the city, I have fallen in love with the beautiful landscapes found in Oklahoma. Rolling hills, green pastures, cattle and horses.

Our oldest daughter has decided that we need to buy some land and have a ranch of our own. Although I love to look at the landscapes, I am not ready to commit to being a rancher. That is downright hilarious.

Not only have I fallen in love with the landscapes, but I also love to drive through the old towns and imagine life a hundred years ago when Oklahoma was a young state. I love the old “bill boards” painted on the sides of  buildings.

I love how the buildings sit next to each other like loved books on a shelf, all telling their own story and adventure.

I love the way each building has an individual appeal and bit of creativity in its design and architecture.

I love how this old high school was made to last longer than we are willing to use it.

I love the way that even this old hotel stands tall over the town like a pillar, like the people who have lived long before us. Will we learn from them, even their mistakes, or will we drive by with idea that newer is better and old is useless and. . .well. . .old.


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