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Every spring I have a “ritual”. It started when we lived in rural North Carolina. I have always loved strawberries, but I had never tasted a really good strawberry until we moved there. There is nothing like freshly picked, farm fresh strawberries. While we lived there a friend gave us a jar of jelly, and I quickly became an addict. I was hooked, but then I realized how easy it was to make my own.

You will need: strawberries, fruit pectin for freezer jelly (it’s in the canning section), sugar (or Splenda or what ever sweetener you prefer), and jars

If you pick your own strawberries go on a sunny day. Strawberries hate water and tend to be mushy after it rains. Pick when they have had a chance to ripen in the sun.

Clean and hull the strawberries (I used 4 pounds.) The berries (or whatever fruit you use) need to be crushed. I used my food chopper, but this could be done in a blender or food processorOnce the fruit is crushed, add sugar and fruit pectin. Mix well. Place jelly into jars and allow it to set for thirty minutes. Place into freezer (and don’t forget to leave one in the fridge to enjoy now.) Take out as needed. It is good for about two weeks in the fridge, but ours never lasts that long. It is really that easy!



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