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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I cannot, let me re-stress that. . . .

I CANNOT believe how fast time has passed me by. I suppose I am in denial. Denial that I am now a “Thirty-something”. (I always thought that show was for old people.)

Tonight as I write this I am thinking about one thing. Eleven years ago I began a journey in life that I will never be able to undo. I call it a journey, because I can look back over time and see how far I’ve come. But I also squint my eyes as I look forward to the long road ahead. Boy I hope that mountain isn’t actually as high as it looks from here.

I’m talking about motherhood.

Eleven years ago today, my “little momma” was born. It was a stormy night. So much so that the hospital even lost its power. It was the same storm system that caused tornadoes in OKC in 1999. (and look at where we have landed). It seemed like the day she was going to be born would never come, but she was only 5 days late. Funny how your perspective changes over time.

Alan was so excited when she finally arrived. He kept saying, “It’s a baby, it’s a baby, it’s a baby.”

Those first days were like a dream. I closed my eyes for half a second and here we are, on the eve of her 11th birthday.

Sweet girl, I want you to know how much I love you. Never could I have asked the Creator of all things for a more wonderful daughter than He has given to me in you. I love the cleverness and sense of humor that you have, even when I am “lecturing” you, you understand my underlying exaggerations and find them amusing. You have so many great talents that I pray you will use to honor and glorify the Giver of Life. I want you to know that I see in you Christ and you respond to His leading and rebukes. Your dad and I are so proud to call you our daughter. My prayer for you is that you know and live a life that displays to everyone you know that you are the Daughter of a King, who loves you more than I ever could, and I am honored for the opportunity to raise you and call you my own, but I know that I have you on loan. There will be times I don’t do so well as a mother, but I love you. . . and I will try harder.

Happy Birthday Sweet girl


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