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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Today Alan and I are leaving for our mission trip to Ecuador. This is my third trip and the first time we have been able to both go together. 

While we are gone we will be living with the Tsachila Indians in Santo Domingo de los Colorados. It is located west of the capital city of Quito, on the foot hills of the Andes mountains. 

The Tsachila are a small people groups of about 2,ooo remaining, There are 6 communities. Our team leader, Bart Walker, has been working with the Tsachila for about 10 years. He has brought medical teams as well as teams like our own. We will be supplying Vacation Bible School during the day in the community schools and the in evening hosting Adult and Children Bible study and discipleship. 

Over the course of his work he has had the privilege of leading a few of them to faith in Christ. Also through his work with the Tsachilas, the Lord has opened an opportunity for him to work with the Chachi Indians as well. 

This year is the first year that we will stay an entire week with another community. We are excited at the opportunities that lie ahead and for the new friendships we will be making and forging together. Week one we will be in the Naranos community. Week two we will be “home” in Chiuple. 

Please pray for our team. There are several members who are already fighting weakness and illness. Specifically pray for Raquel. This year has been very difficult for her medically speaking. The environment and living conditions can be very harsh. We will be living in the huts with the Tsachila without the conviences and comforts of “home”. 

There are several people on the team that are first-timers, and not just to missions but first time over seas. Pray for them to not be overcome with culture shock but to have an overwhelming sense of peace and power. 

Pray also for the Tsachila that they will be encouraged in the Word to continue to run the race they have begun with endurance. Pray that God will continue to prepare their hearts like soil rich and ready for the seed of the gospel that will be planted. Also pray for the translators to have wisdom in the correct words to use as they are translating to present the gospel in a clear and precise manner. 

 I look forward to updating you on the trip, but please understand that I will have very little access to the internet, especially our first week. 


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