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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I wrote this during the week before I had a wi-fi connection. I’ll try to add more updates as soon as I can. . .  

Today is Tuesday, I won’t have a chance to use wi-fi for at least three more days, but I thought I would journal a little about my first impressions.The Tsachila, probably like most people groups are a shy people. The community of Naranos, however, have tried very hard to be extremely welcoming and open. The last two years they have had someone from the Peace Corps to live with them and help them better their community.The Tsachila’s native language is Tsafiki. As their children are growing, they only speak Tsafiki with them, but when they go to school the children learn Spanish. Alejandro, the community leader, was sharing with the group last night that the language barrier made the Tsachila less welcoming to outsiders. The Peace Corps guy that  stayed with them not only helped them to better their community, but also helped them to be more receptive to outsiders.Our stay here so far has been very warm and friendly. Several times they have communicated with us that we are like family to them.Last night they shared more of their culture with us. The Tsachila’s are a people of rich and wonderful culture. They love music and dance. It is part of their worship of the Earth for giving to them. When they pound on the ground in dance, each pound is in gratitude for what Mother Earth has given them.

The people are very proud of their rich heritage. I will share more about their culture in another post. I will also share about the work we are doing in the schools and in the evening with the community as well.

For now here are some pictures to tell a visual story.    The girls danced for us one evening.  We danced too. . .    



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