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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Opening up your home to guests can be a challenge. But opening up your home to over 25 people is an even bigger challenge. I must say though how warm and welcoming they were to us to allow us to live with them and accept us in as family.

This is the “Dining room” where we would share our meals together each day.

One of my fave meals were grilled meat over an open fire. (In the bottom right side of the pic.)

She is mashing yucca to prepare it for breakfast.

This is the girl’s hut. There were 11 of us sharing this room together.

On move in day we had to get out nets all set up.

This was my bed.

Alan slept in a hammock and loved it.

This is the “bathroom” The small building to the right is a shower, and the two-story building was the toilet area.

Our hosts would get up very early in the morning to clean up and start breakfast.

In other pictures I’ve posted there is also a common kitchen area and a community center. There are several other houses as well.

This is one big family!


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