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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

There is no way for me to update all that we have done the last two weeks. So instead of trying to catch up on blogging, laundry, time with the kids, etc., I am going to let my pictures fill in the blanks. For a quick overview, we would go to the school during the day and teach Bible stories and crafts. In the afternoon we spent time int the community and had more Bible story-ing in the evening.

Part of the team. We would usually all meet in this open air hut in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Nail polish is a must for any young girl!

While the girls were getting their nails painted the boys were playing a game.

Even the smallest baby wanted her nails painted.

The orange thing is a fuzzy “worm” on a string. The kids loved it. It reminded me of the beautiful caterpillars that had poisonous prickles that were around the community.

The last day of the first week was a celebration time including ballooning, face paints, and more games.

The baby would bathe herself in the river. She also washed her own shirt. It was precious!

The climb up the hill from the river.


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