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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

During the second week  the team did very similar work as the first week. During the day we would got to a school and the evening we taught in a community with a smaller group of a family. The second week was slightly different in that we had previously stayed in this community. In fact, this was the community that the team has done the most work in. The kids in the school remembered many of the returning team members and quickly made friends with the ones that were new.On Tuesday we celebrated Children’s Day at the school. It was a great time of celebration with more balloons, face painting, games like Four Square and Soccer. We shared cake together and provided lunch for everyone that was there.  The second week also had a surprise blessing. Because we have done so much work in this school previously, the last three days the school gave us three hours of their time to spend with the children. Because we were thinking we would have an hour, many of us were stretched to fill all the extra time. Many of the team used the time to teach extra Bible stories and English lessons. It was a very fast week, and before we knew it we were giving our final good-byes before heading back home.

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