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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Recently on our family vacation we were traveling from Santa Fe, NM to Mesa Verde, CO. Alan was not feeling well, so I was doing all the driving. I thought it was a straight shot from the highway we were on. When we drove into Taos, NM, I realized that I missed a turn.

Sometimes in life we miss it. We make a wrong turn, and can be easily discouraged. Sometimes, though, wrong turns can actually turn out to lead us to experiences that change our lives.

Although getting off track didn’t change my life, I did get some amazing and unexpected pictures. We ended up driving over the Rio Grande Gorge and some really great mountain views. From the highway we could see the gorge off in the distance. Then we actually were able to drive over the 650 foot drop. Finally we cut across some beautiful mountain views (and some not so attractive deserts). Finally ended up on the correct highway and were set to our destination.

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