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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Today is finally a great morning to be outside. We have been sweating out our eyeballs since coming home from our vacation in daily above 100 degree weather. All of the kids are loving it outside. All but one. Sweet T. She told me there are too many bugs outside.

This reminded me of our little camp we set up while at Mesa Verde, CO. (A post will soon follow about the wonderful Park).

We had been wanting to go camping for many years, but taking a baby camping is not my idea of good family memories.

This year our baby turned four, and we decided it was time for us to buy a tent and enjoy the great outdoors. One would think camping is a great way for a family to save money while on vacation. Sure the camp site is only $15 a night. Never mind that fact that you have to buy a tent, sleeping bags, flash lights, bug spray, and a cooler. Don’t forget the water or other drinks too. We also had to buy firewood, because the park we stayed in doesn’t allow gathering of wood. Despite all that, it was a good time.

Except for Sweet T.

She has decided that she is not a camping girl, but a city girl.

When she overheard me telling Alan that we needed to be sure to put all the food and drinks in the van at night because of bears, that is all she could think about. Every turn, every noise to her was a sure sign that a bear was near by. The only wild life I saw were deer and squirrels, but for her, knowing there were bears out there was scary enough.

The other thing that made her decide she was a city girls were the bugs. Flies, mosquitoes, everything but butterflies.

It was good thing that we bought a large tent. The girls decided it was just as much fun to play inside the tent safe from the great outdoors. They were even good about keeping the zippers closed and taking off their shoes before entering.

Once in a while they would venture outside the tent. At the sign of any bug or stir in the woods, Sweet T. would rush back “inside”.

By evening, the weather had cooled quite a bit. I gave everyone a quick spray and broke out the S’mores.  All was good in camping land after that.

I am glad to inform you that the only bears we heard that night were the ones sleeping in our tent.



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