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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I remember four years ago laying in bed counting in my head how old everyone would be when my Baby finally went to school.

Funny isn’t it?

Funny how life changes. It’s funny where I thought I would be four years ago, and where I am now.

Four years ago I would have laughed at you for telling me that I would be a homeschool mom. Or that my family would be living in the mid-west.

On Thursday my two girls had their first day of school. (well, so I thought. I’ll explain further down.) Sweet T. is starting Kindergarten and The Baby is starting preschool. Okay technically preschool is not school, but in our little town it is. Our town offers a school that is for only Kindergartners and also half-day preschool.

It has all been a hassle with getting birth certificates and shots. (we’ve moved around a lot.) Then we were out-of-town when the school had their registration day. After much running around, finally I was able to get both girls registered for school. We were set for the first day of school.

Generally speaking I am the biggest slacker when it comes to doing extra special things. I think it’s super sweet when moms (and dads) do special things with their kids for school and holidays. Oh sure, I hit all the major holidays, but when it comes to “extra” days I am seriously lacking. For me to even remember to take pictures of the girls’ first day of school is a major accomplishment. Probably seeing all my friends post pictures of their kids of Facebook inspired me.

While the girls were eating their breakfast at school I couldn’t help but to look around and watch all the people around us on their first day too. Everyone was busy and excited. or crying.

Like protective mother birds, we stand over our children. Some are excited at the freedom and relief that comes with sending a child to school. Others are torn to pieces at the thought of letting their baby grow free and independent. Other perhaps have a fair mix of both. That is not even considering how the kids are feeling.

There is just something about the first day of school.

After taking Sweet T. to her class I went to the office to find out where my late-registered preschooler would be going. After filling out the long enrollment forms (which you would think in these technological times there would be an easier way to enroll without filling out the same info. 10 times on 10 different forms.) I found out that NO the baby would not start until Monday.

So much for the first day of school together.

As we were leaving the school I noticed that PTA had a special breakfast for the parents:

The spoons are not part of the breakfast. Those are so that no one swipes the pens.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful first day of school. May your school year be filled with sweet memories and wonderful friendships.


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