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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Yesterday as I was trying to rest a headache, I sat listening to a certain show on PBSkids. I know as a parent it is a good idea to monitor everything the kids do and watch. They are sponges that pick up all the bad microbes.

While I was listening I heard one of the characters say, “what the?”

There is nothing “wrong” with this phrase, but for me it is a pet peeve. I cannot STAND to hear that used in children/family movies. I realize that I am getting older, and perhaps this is what happens  as you age. I can just hear myself saying, “You young’ns!!”

Every family has its own list of inappropriate words, though. I’m not talking about the timeless four letter variety either. You know the phrase other families might say, but if you catch your kids using it they get in big trouble. Things like “stupid” or “sucks”.

I have a friend whose no-no word is “stupid”. They are not allowed to call anyone or anything stupid. Of course I find that stupid. Kidding. Anyway, one morning the pastor in our church was giving an illustration and he called a hammer stupid. Her kids were in shock that the pastor would say that word. Especially from the pulpit! Sure it isn’t a nice word, especially when you are talking about a person, but somethings in life are just that: stupid.

“What the?” is my pet peeve. Why not just finish the phrase with “what in the world”, or “What?!?!?”, or any other clever way. Even Hannah Montana has her own, “daddy say what?” or the ever famous “what you talkin’ ’bout Willis?” Why must we popularize a phrase to our kids that all adults complete in their heads with a very derogatory word.


Needless to say, if and when I hear my kids say it they will be rebuked. Parenting is not always fun or easy, but our kids need us to set limits and teach them. Teach them respect, honor, humility, love, and even a sense of humor. I know I can’t protect them from everything, but I can teach them how to deal with disrespectfulness, dishonor, pride, hate, and even seriousness. (not that seriousness is bad).


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