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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I have been working through a study of the gospel of John for the last several months. It has been such an in-depth study that it will span a years time (minus a break for summer). John is one of those books that as an unbeliever it can seem confusing. I have read it probably a hundred times, and yet every time I read it again I learn something more. It shows an intimate look into the life and ministry of Jesus.

For example, the last couple weeks we have been studying chapter 12. After Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, he is either loved and revered by the people or immensely hated. This chapter is the turning point where in another gospel it says he turns his face towards Jerusalem. He is a man in a mission. To Die.

After explaining his death for the hundredth time he says this:

“Now my heart is troubled and what should I say?

Father save me from this hour?


It was for THIS VERY REASON I came to this hour.

Father, glorify your name.

God replies back to confirm that it has been glorified and will be again.

So what is the reason Jesus came?

May you hear the message freshly through this song. . .


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