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Yesterday it rained. . .and rained . . . and rained

Did I mention that it rained all day?!

I have always wanted a super power. I never thought it would be the ability to know when Low Air Pressure is passing by.

All that wonderful rain (which don’t get me wrong I LOVE rainy days) came with a tropical air pressure. The low air mass triggers a wonderfully painful sinus headache. It’s similar to when people can tell cold air is coming through their arthritis.

Yep, I have that too.

It’s a great learning time because the boy has been learning about weather in school. I was able to explain the reason for his own headache. (He inherited my special weather predicting ability. Lucky him!)

There is nothing that can chase away the weather blues away like homemade chocolate chip cookies:


I thought I would share a secret that a friend shared with me. This is the Nestle chips recipe. Nothing out of the ordinary. Instead of a cup of butter, I used a cup of vegetable oil. Personally I like the extra light olive oil, but feel free to use canola or whatever you have. Also when I cook them I set my timer for 8 (or 9) minutes and take them out as soon as the edges are a light golden color. Then they cool on the pan for about 5 minutes or so. Transfer them to foil or wax paper (or paper towels if you are out of the other) a few minutes more.

It’s making my mouth drool thinking about it.

The headache is finally gone now that we have clear skies, and I still have a few cookies left to share with the kids. So what chases away your weather blues?


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