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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Today I had a house full of princesses. We were celebrating Sweet T.’s birthday. Last night as I was making her cake I remembered that every year for the past three years we had moved just before her day, so she never had any friends to celebrate with. One year I did, at the last-minute, throw a quick party together. I made cupcakes and friends brought presents.

Of course I think that until they are 5, all the party children really need could be small- with family. Unless you have a large family. Which I do, but they live all over the place. The child won’t remember it most likely, and they don’t really have friends until that maturity level either.

It was time for my Sweet T. to have her first BIG birthday party.

The guest of honor, other than the birthday girl is always the cake.

I’m too much of a slacker mom to be really great at making cakes, but am very pleased with how this turned out.

That’s probably why I took so many pictures of it.

Every Princess party needs to have certain things to make it complete. I made sure that . . .

we danced. . .

we dressed up. . .

and then after all that hard work we ate (my beautiful) cake.

I didn’t exactly know where to put the candles.

It worked.

As a bonus Barbie’s hair didn’t catch on fire.

Happy Birthday Princess

We love you VERY much!


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