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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

The other morning shortly after I got up, the Baby come in dressed like this:

She has decided that she want to be an Ice Cream Cone for Halloween. (You’re going to have to use your imagination and look at things like a four-year old.) She did clarify later that she is an upside down ice cream cone. She was very proud of her invention. She used her Minnie Mouse hat from everybody’s favorite theme park as the cone. For the ice cream, she placed two colored bandannas on, I guess representing a double scoop.

If that’s not abstract enough for you, check this out. She ran out of the room after a couple of pictures and came back with another costume possibility. She could also be a Zhu Zhu Pet.

For those of you who don’t know what a Zhu Zhu pet is I took a picture of one of ours. They are a toy that rolls around making all kind of silly noises to drive parents and pets alike crazy.

If nothing else, it was a good reminder to me that our favorite dressing up night is quickly approaching. I like to help the kids make costumes, so I better get started soon. Some of my favorite sites to get original ideas are :  Nick Jr. and Familyfun.

We have been everything from legos, butterflies, Blue (from Blues Clues), to Indian princesses and Ahsoka from Star Wars: the Clone Wars. Creating is half the fun.


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