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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Growing up my family was a cat family. Cat’s never give you puppy eyes when you are eating.

Now we are a dog family, and I must admit I have a new understanding for the cliche “puppy eyes.” If those sad eyes don’t work, then Daphne resorts to whimpering. Yes, she is just like a child.

We have discovered that Daphne has favorite foods. Her number one top food is pizza. She will do ANYTHING to grab a piece. ANYTHING! Some of her other favorites are meat (of course), and dairy including, but not limited to milk, eggs, cheese, ice cream, pudding, etc.

Fortunately for Daphne we also have a four-year old.

I don’t know if it’s the puppy eyes, or just the delight in feeding her, but The Baby will always feed her something she’s not suppose to have. (Greyhounds have very sensitive stomachs. We can always tell smell when she’s eaten something she’s not suppose to have.) Unless of course The Baby wants it more.

Today it was a doughnut.

After her lunch she was allowed to eat a doughnut. Of course in the end, she only managed to eat the part with vanilla frosting, but whatever. you get the point.

Daphne and the Baby have a unique relationship. The Baby terrorizes Daphne with heavy love, and Daphne eats her food. Or tries to, at least

Daphne nearly grabbed the doughnut

It seems that no matter how hard The Baby tries to shoo her away, Daphne is never far from the table. I think Daphne knows that in the many attempts to be shooed, there is a good chance that the food will end up on the floor, free for the taking. There is also the chance that the Baby will not be paying attention long enough for the food to be grabbed right from her hand. This has even happened to me.

She will stand at full attention until all the food is cleared from the table. She even stands near the Baby’s chair staring at the floor. It’s like if she stares at it long enough, surely something will fall to her. Of course standing at table height makes it that much easier to grab the goodies.

I think it goes to show, with enough determination, anything is possible.


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