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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Yesterday I was sick. I think that when moms are sick, our children should go in to hibernation. I have previously posted a funny article about moms being sick here.

I have discovered many things while on my day “off”.

While I was sick. . .I saw my older kids step up and fix breakfast and lunch for themselves,

While I was sick. . .I realized there is NOTHING on T.V.,

While I was sick. . .I became extremely thankful that I am not bed-ridden,

While I was sick. . . the girls discovered how many pieces one piece of paper could be cut into,

While I was sick. . .Sweet T. “tattooed” her name into the Baby’s arm with a marker (thankfully it wasn’t a permanent marker),

While I was sick. . .my purse was pillaged through in search of gum or any other treats I may have had,

While I was sick. . .the girls decided to leave their mark. . . on our wall. . . outside

While I was sick. . . the girls ate a package and a half of chocolate cookies,

While I was sick. . .Sweet T. climbed Mount Mini-Van,

While I was sick. . . the older kids worked a little on their school work without being asked,

While I was sick. . .The Baby pooped outside

While I was sick. . .the kids drank half a gallon of Silk

While I was sick. . .my house remained messy and cluttered. . .until my better half came home

While I was sick. . .I realized how much I truly love what I do on a day-to-day basis, although there seems to be little rewards or thank yous, and it can be tiring and monotonous. I love being a mom who enjoys time with the kids. I love being part of their daily lives and teaching them how to take care of each other and themselves. I love fixing them food to eat, discovering new things, and doing anything and everything. . .but being sick


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