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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

The other day the kids were playing outside. We live in an area that I feel they are safe to play outside. We are next to a hospital and the college soccer fields. However, I often check on the kids when they are outside playing. You never know what they will get in to. The other day I noticed a “Stranger” walking around outside. I don’t know his intentions. He never approached the kids, but I made it very obvious that I was watching him (like any Mother Hen would.) I also pointed “Stranger” out to the kids, because I wanted them to be aware of their environment. He walked around, seemed to not find what he was looking for, and shortly left the premises.

The kids were great. I heard them talking about it and what they were to do if he tried to talk to them. It was a great opportunity to talk about strangers and personal safety. The older two are also taking self-defense classes this year. It’s a little Karate, a little Jujitsu, etc. The other night, after class, I asked the Boy to show me something he learned from his class. He stood in a fight position like this. . .

So I, of course, got ready to attack him back. When I went in for the hit I was surprised. He suddenly turned to run from me and started yelling, “Help! Help! Someone is attacking me.”

I was laughing so hard as he ran away. He was exactly right, though. It was another great reminder about how to deal with “Strangers”.


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