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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

With the turn of the month, Facebook was full of status updates that read: “I like it on. . .” Similar to last year’s stating your bra color, this was supposed to be an attempt to draw awareness to the battle many women (and men) face every year with Breast Cancer.

The kids and I were driving around town, and I pointed out the giant pink ribbon out front of our local hospital.

“Do you know what that stands for,” I asked, pointing out the giant ribbon.

They didn’t.

“Do you remember what cancer is? Remember your that whole body is made of different kind of cells,” I started to explain. “Cancer is when those cells, let’s say skin cells, stop growing like normal cells. Instead they start attacking your good cells. That’s cancer.”

“That’s a lot like sin,” The Oldest piped in. “When we rebel against the way God created us.” I love that she made that analogy all on her own.

We continued to discuss the different kinds of cancer. We also talked about all the people we know that have had Brest Cancer:


My nana. She Fought and won the battle over 20 years ago




Hunny- the kids grandma, now in remission



Alan's Aunt, in remission



My Friend, who began her battle a year ago, now in remission


These are just a few of those we have known personally, effected by Breast Cancer. Our most recent loved one effected is Alan’s uncle. Yes, even men can have Breast Cancer.

I’m not writing this to condemn those who choose to play along with the “I like it. . .” post, but I challenge you to post something more meaningful.

Post a picture of a loved one you know in Pink, or even a picture of yourself. It’s real easy. Click here to upload a picture. Select “create”, click on “effects”, then “Go Pink”. Play around, have fun, but most importantly make a reminder to everyone you know to check themselves regularly.


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