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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

The Boy to me, “Do you think one day I will be smarter than you?”

At first I was appalled. Of course not! Mommies are supposed to know everything, at least more than their child. And then it hit me. He is growing up. My goal, especially since I am the prime educator to him, is that he learns what he is taught. To expand his mind.To have a hunger to learn more.

“One day you will be,” I grudgingly admitted.

“That’s what I thought, ” he said. “After all, one day I am going to be an inventor.”

Then, as he left the room, he added, “and I’ll be taller than you too.”

For many years if you asked The Boy what he was going to be he would always answer “a snowboarder”. Although that would be a great career, we don’t live where it snows. We also don’t live near any mountains, or hills. Besides those two big factors, he is not a risk taker. With all of this in mind, I encouraged him to think about what else he could be. Sure it is fine to enjoy snowboarding, but realistically I didn’t really see him as a future Shaun White.

We were talking one day about some of the other things he enjoys doing. We came to an agreement that he could be an inventor. With that also includes the occupation of Scientist. A few days later he invented a way to get rid of rust. A few weeks ago we were studying Da Vinci. He was enthralled with all the things Da Vinci invented.

I know I am not a genius by any means. Boy of mine, I hope you are much smarter than me. May your mind expand with great understanding as you discover this amazing world we live in.


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