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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Tomorrow is the night our town has designated as Trick or Treat night. Everyone in our family is extremely excited, well almost everyone.

When our kids were finally old enough to enjoy Trick or Treating Alan and I had to discuss if we would allow them. I was all for it, and he was against it. Both of us have our reason, and like wise, we both understand the others reasoning.

I grew up celebrating Halloween. Not really celebrating it, but my parents always let us dress up and go trick or treating. My parents are very strong in the faith in Christ. They never allowed us to be anything scary, and we never had scary Halloween decorations. However, October 31 was like a right of passage in the fall season. What child doesn’t love to dress up in a fun costume and show it off to the neighbors. Not only that but to also get all that wonderful candy to boot. (Yes, I have a sweet tooth.) I remember our church even had a fall festival, and this was back in the 80’s.

Alan also grew up celebrating and dressing up for Halloween. When he was in high school he dabbled quite a bit in the occult. To most people this night is nothing more than child’s fun. To him it holds much more meaning, of which, he wants nothing to do with. He despises jack-o-lanterns, the glorification of witches, not to mention all the evil (and rather scary) costumes. Our kids close their eyes when they see them. One time he listened to the testimony of Shoefoot, a former shaman from the Yanomamo people in the Amazonia region of South America. Shoefoot had come to the States close to Halloween. He shared that many of the scary masks that were displayed in a store looked exactly like spirit guides that he had seen. To here part one of Shoefoot’s story click here.  This was even more proof for us to not participate in Halloween.  He likes to remember October 31 for what Martin Luther did as a mark to begin the Reformation.

We were at a crossroads. I agreed with Alan that I didn’t want to celebrate Halloween, and he saw my point of view about how fun dressing up is for the kids. We came to an agreement. We would let the kids have costumes, go trick or treating, even attend fall festivals. We were NOT celebrating Halloween. Instead that last day of October would simply become part of our way of enjoying fall. Like a right of passage for the season of Autumn, we would dress up, eat candy until we were sick, and even pick pumpkins from a pumpkin patch.


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