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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

The other day we had a bit of drama in our house. The kids were getting ready for bed. I was settling in the younger girls while the older two were getting themselves ready for bed. I heard a horrible scream and immediately ran to the other room to see what was the matter. It was the Boy.

At first I thought he said he put something in his ear and it was stuck. He managed to get the words to say, “I got it out.”

“What was it?,” I asked. He was very upset and hurt.

A Q-tip.

Every mother’s worst nightmare.

I brought him down the stair to get a flashlight to look at his ears. I saw blood. I checked both ears, but only immediately saw blood coming from one ear.

I try not to panic in situations like that.  I called my dear friend who is a nurse. She called an ER nurse friend. It wasn’t an emergency, so we decided to follow the nurses advice. I gave him children ibuprofen, propped his head up, and put warm compresses on his ears. (Both were bleeding now.)

I still cannot quite piece together how it happened. He had put a q-tip in each ear. The kids think they look funny when they do that. I cringe. He says that he was about to take them out, but instead of pulling, he accidentally pushed instead. He screamed, and then pulled them out.

He made it through the night. In the morning we went to the doc. She is referring (yes I said that in the present tense) us to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. Looks like it won’t be until after Thanksgiving. Thanks a lot, people.

As she was explaining the situation it gave us both the willies. The only protection to your brain from your ear is the ear drum. If it gets infected you can easily get a brain infection. Just what I wanted my 8-year-old to hear. The other tidbit she shared was the treatment we have to look forward to. Either the ear will hear itself (I still am amazed with all that our bodies were created to do.) or, worse case scenario, have to have a skin graft. Of course the first thing the Boy wanted to know when she left the room was “what is a skin graft?”

After she left, I was comforting him that it would be okay. If it was a real emergency then she would have sent us to the ER instead of having us wait.

As we were waiting, he looked up at me and asked, “why are you worried?”

It’s not that I wasn’t worried, I assured him. If I wasn’t worried I wouldn’t have taken him to the doctor. This is especially true. I hate to go to the Doctor, sit and wait, just to be sent home with nothing. If I wasn’t worried I wouldn’t have called our friend for help immediately.

Sometimes our worries keep us from doing the right actions. That, or the cause us extra anxiety that didn’t contribute in a beneficial way to the situation. In fact, not only did it not help, but it only added stress and fear to an already stressful time. I know he wanted to make sure that I was concerned, but I also don’t want to add any extra worry that he doesn’t need.

He, like every boy, is very proud of his wound. He says that he will never clean his ears again. I took a couple pictures to show him what the dried blood looks like. If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to continue scrolling down. **Warning: these pictures are not for the faint of heart**



The left, more injured ear. It's black, dried blood


The right ear


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