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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

This afternoon we were out running errands. The Oldest is an avid reader. She definitely has her daddy’s love for books. I like reading, but I don’t LOVE it. One of our stops was to the library. All the kids have their own routine in the library.

She came to me after a few minutes. They didn’t have the last two books in the series she was reading. Disappointment was all over her. After gathering some books for the two kids that weren’t with us, I scanned the shelves making suggestions. In the past this was helpful. Today as we were looking I realized that a lot of the books she has already read, or they are too easy for her to read.

I glanced around the library and quickly found the next level of books up from children. I led her over there and we started to glance through the books. I was very nervous. It’s not that I want to be over protective, but I don’t want her reading teen books so early. Fortunately we found a couple in a series she started before. They were placed with the teen books because they were titled “Thirteen” and “Thirteen Plus One”.

I share all this, not because I somehow think you would be interested in our Library trip. I share it because I often feel inadequate to be a mom of a tween. I feel so  crazy sometimes, thinking about all the things to come. I have never met anyone who ever wanted to repeat the ages of 11 through 13. They are the hardest and most awkward ages in our society. In many countries this is the age that you become an adult. Here in the states you become an awkward kid/teen/young adult/. . .we don’t have a word for it so we’ll just call you a tween.

So to help prepare and ready myself for preparing The Oldest I recently bought a book called, “Preparing your Daughter for Every Young Woman’s Battle.” (Notice a preparation theme?!)  I nearly cried when I first got the book before I even read it. I hate to think that I must prepare my children to battle. Unfortunately that is exactly what it is. If we do not take to time to have meaningful and purposeful conversations (about all things, but especially sexual purity) with our kids we might as well dump blood on them and feed them to the wolves.

While we were at the library I was reminded of need to be involved. I don’t want the Oldest to feel like I am overbearing and annoying, but I want her (and all the kids) to know that I am interested in their futures more than anyone else. I know there will come a time when they won’t cry out to me for help. My hope is that I have given them enough wisdom and love that, when they are on their own, they will not just be able to fly from the nest, but to really soar.



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