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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I think every child loves parades. My favorite were the ones that threw candy out to kids as the floats passed by. There is probably no other place that throws a better parade than in Louisiana. They even through necklaces, toys, and candy in their Christmas parades (not just Mardi Gras.)

Yesterday the older two kids planned and designed a parade. As I was taking pictures of it I noticed that they used all their favorite stuffed animals and toys.Daphne, the dog, also happens to love to chew on all these toys too.  We live everyday in our very own Toy Story.

Opening this parade we see Valentine the Bear (the Oldest's) riding along in Heart Blankie (Sweet T.'s)


The next float is Littlest Pet Shop. . .



This is a view of the end of the parade.


This float features Bear. The Oldest's first and most loved stuffed animal


The is Meowy. The boy's loved cat riding on a Hess truck float


Greenie the frog (the Boy's) is riding in a baby seat float, followed by Lamb-E (the Baby's) Also on this float is a precious moment letter "V" belonging to Sweet T.


This last featured float we have Mr Snuggles who belongs to the Baby, but is snuggled by all and the Slipper rabbit



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