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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I never can figure out why we associate snow with Christmas. But we do. No one wants to sing “Let it Snow” in January or about Jack Frost nipping at your nose in February. I was always curious how Santa would land his sleigh on the millions of rooftops that have no snow.

Last night it snowed sleeted. We were all excited and thrilled. The girls are certain that Christmas is closer than ever before now. I wish there was more, but this will have to do. It’s not quite time to get out all the snow gear just yet.

I tried to get some pictures of it, but there simply is no enough to even enjoy with the eye. It does make me feel a little merrier and Christmasy. (If that’s even a word.)

What is it about red berries, greenery, and white snow that feels like Christmas?!


As you can see, there wasn't much accumulation



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