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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Here is a reminder that sometimes it is the simple things that we do at Christmas that make the best memories. For me, this year, it’s hot chocolate.

Of course, anyone familiar with the book/movie The Polar Express probably includes cocoa to their Christmas cheer. What is not to love about the creamy, chocolaty taste of a hot (warm for my kids) drink in the evenings before bed. We often enjoy a Christmas cookie with ours.

This year I have found a simply delightful little treat to add. Besides whipping cream, we also enjoy marshmallows with ours. Let me clarify; we either have marshmallows or whipping cream, not both. In the store, for the season, they are carrying a snowman shaped mallow. As a bonus it is vanilla flavored.

Another little twist that we sometimes add to a cup of cocoa is a candy cane stick. The candy melts in the hot cocoa adding a refreshing mint flavor to the delicious chocolate treat.




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