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According to Us

One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between


They naturally love pretty things.

Pink and purple. Lace and glitter. Tiaras and hair bows.

Recently we took a school trip out. While we were there we met a girl who was wearing the cutest hair curlers I have ever seen. They are called Curlformers. (If I had been the one to invent these fantastic curlers I would have called them Curling Ribbons. To me they look like ribbons, but I didn’t so they aren’t.) The girl was wearing her hair in a pony tails with the curlers in as an accessory. After inquiring where her mom picked them up at, I filed it away in my mind. Frankly it’s amazing that I remembered.

I made my big purchase. They don’t come at a small price (I paid around $60 for the salon kit), but figured we would get MUCH use out of them with the three girls in our house. BTW- I bought them at Sally’s Beauty supply, and they come in a variety of sizes depending on your hair.

The Oldest was thrilled. She immediately wanted to try them out. She showered that evening and I put them in her hair. It reminded me of when I was little and my mom would put my hair in those pink foam curlers. We left them in all night to dry. The next morning we took them out. I was a little nervous, because her hair is short. I was afraid of Frizzball. A quick sigh of relief came as we systematically removed each one.

Sweet T. was next. Her hair is much finer and straight. I didn’t need quite as many for her hair type. I think it took less time as well. Again we were really pleased with the results. Her hair does not hold the curl from a curling iron, so I have even more satisfaction in the price. You can also set the curlers in lower from the scalp  for a different look.


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