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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

Christmas has come and gone once again. As I put the final decorations away, I am always filled with a little of the Christmas blues. It’s not because I didn’t get what I wanted, or that I am depressed. I love Christmas, and although I am glad that the hustle of Christmas is over, I miss everything else. Family time, Christmas cookies, music, lights, sparkles, and extra laughter shared with family and friends.

One of my last traditions I have at the end of Christmas is the clearance sales. Every department store, furniture, toys, and even the grocery stores cannot wait to move all the unwanted merchandise that they tried to make you feel you couldn’t live without. Not only can you find super fantastic sales on everyday items, I LOVE to buy Christmas decorations for the next year. I love to buy them at 75% off even more.

Not only am I finishing packing away this years Christmas decorations, but I am tucking away and expanding my collection for next year. It’s a tradition I love. Not only is it fun to bring out the decorations and reminisce about Christmases from before, but I also get an early present to begin new memories with the new decorations. And I spent 75% less to have them. Perhaps looking at decorations is the last thing you want to do, for me, I can’t until next year to start it all over again.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and may 2011 bring you many great memories.


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