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One of my favorite dishes growing up was Chicken and Noodles. (I would say it is pretty similar to chicken and dumplings.)

After holidays I remember my mom making it with some leftover turkey, although with 9 of us in the house, that wasn’t to often. One year my mom was gone to help my oldest sister with her newborn baby girl, and my aunt had come to visit for a week. She asked my sister and I what we wanted her to make with the leftover Turkey, to which we both replied Chicken soup. She lovingly prepared soup for us. In our immaturity we displayed a bit that we were let down, because what we really wanted was Chicken and Noodles.We ate and enjoyed the soup, and it was wonderful.

I think I cook a lot like my grandma. I don’t really follow recipes. Usually my meals are based around a main meat. Tonight I am cooking for a sweet friend and her family as she is not feeling well. At first I was only going to make Chicken and Noodles, but my kids are the opposite of myself. They love soup. I decided to make both. They are very similar. Sorry I don’t have exact amounts for the ingredients. It is more suggestions anyway. Cooking, unlike baking, isn’t an exact science.

Chicken Noodle Soup

chicken for broth (could be pieces or whole chicken. I am making a smaller pot, so I went with chicken thighs)

fresh carrots, cut into  bite size pieces

fresh celery, cut same as above

salt, pepper, minced garlic, other spices: can use bay leaves, I like mixed Italian spices, etc.

noodles, I like to use egg noodles

Bring to boil chicken, veggies, spices in a full pot of water. Once boiling, reduce heat and simmer until chicken is done. Salt is key in bringing out the flavor of the chicken broth. I don’t measure, so start with about a teaspoon and add more if needed. (Not much of a recipe, I know. So sorry.)

Once the chicken is done, remove it from the broth and add noodles. For soup, add less noodles depending on your broth to noodle ratio desired. When noodle are almost done, separate chicken into bite size pieces and add to broth. Really simple and delicious.


Chicken and Noodles

Chicken for broth

salt, pepper, fresh garlic, spices

two cans of Cambell’s cream soup. I like the Cream of Chicken with Herbs and Cream of Celery. You can also use Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom. Feel free to mix and match

Egg Noodles, whole bag

Bring chicken and spices to boil in a water, simmer until chicken is cooked. You will want use a large dutch oven, because of the amount it will make.

Once chicken is cooked, remove it from the broth. Add both cans of soup and bring to boil; stirring occasionally. Add the entire bag of noodles and cook through.

When noodles are nearly done, break up chicken into bite-size pieces and add to noodles. This thickens as it cools and makes awesome leftovers.


Hope you have a chance to try both. It’s hard to say one is better than the other. They make great one pot meals.


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