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One Husband, One Wife, Five Children and Everything in Between

I really do not like waiting, especially waiting in an empty doctor’s office with sick children. I have always been this way. I prefer to arrive “on time” rather than early. Usually this means that I am late, and I’m okay with late. I don’t have to wait. I think it’s the dead time of doing nothing that I despise about waiting. Now days, with all the gadgets and gizmos that fit in our pockets, we easily fill those times.

The only time I don’t mind waiting is when I know that something better is coming. My kids are the same way. We recently sat at an airport for nearly 4 hours waiting for their dad to land. The only thing they really complained about was when they would see him. They didn’t mind the wait because they knew who they were waiting for.

This was not my intent in writing, but it is a good reminder to ask who or what are you waiting for in life? In Romans we find that even all of creation is waiting for the salvation of the world to be complete in the return of Christ. This, of course, is worth every second of your life. To know more, please read the book of Romans in the Bible.

When we first got to the airport, the two younger girls were asleep because we arrived near 10 P.M. (already past their bed time.) I had the older two run in to find out when the plane was supposed to land. Alan’s plane had already been delayed many times due to the weather, and I was certain that it had probably happened again. Instead of loading everyone up to wait inside we stayed in the van so the girls could sleep another hour. The older two wanted to wait inside. I knew this wouldn’t make his plane land any sooner, so we stayed in the van.

Finally we went inside to wait. There was still about an hour we would have to wait, but they were anxious. I had taken the elevator down, because I had a stroller for “the Baby”. The Boy took the escalator, which is always faster. When he wasn’t at the bottom waiting for me, I panicked. Shortly, he came down. So when we had to go back up to get into the airport I decided to ride the escalator with the kids (and the stroller.)

The oldest turned to me and said, “you know it’s dangerous to bring strollers onto escalators.”

I should have listened. I knew better, but I did it anyway. When we got to the top of the last escalator the wheel was a little stuck. When I gave a little shove to get it to budge the “Baby” fell out and landed on her face. I lost my mother of the year award right there (and it’s only the middle of January.) We went to the bathroom to have a good look and escape the glares of the few people there.

Fortunately it was just a couple of small scrapes.

The time for his plane to land came and went pretty quickly. We waited. and waited. We were at the wrong gate, so we moved to the right one and waited some more.

No one really complained.

No one whined.

It was amazing.

It was really late.

We all just waited



At 12:30- in the morning- a plane started to unboard. After almost everyone was off, I thought to ask another passenger where the plane had arrived from. It was not the same flight.

So we waited some more.

Then suddenly (at the wee hour of 1 A.M.) he landed.It was the best sight any of us had seen in a while. Finally daddy was home!

Our lives were complete once again.

Welcome home, Daddy!


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